Thursday, December 8, 2011

Crocheted and beaded roses

My latest needlework pieces are a real joy to make. I’ve made the roses before, but not with beads. The beads are like the icing on the cake. There are 90 beads per rose. The roses are two inches across. I look forward to getting a few more colors of thread after the new year.






Thanks for looking and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season.



Francisca said...

Now I can see why you appreciated the silk embroidered wall hanging. You know how much skill and time and creativity goes into the hand crafting. Very nice!

Gayle said...

How long does it take to make one flower? I still can't believe how you can do such tiny work. My hands ache just looking at it!!

Rose Mary said...

Hi FlowerLady love your crocheted flowers. Tried to join your blog but could not. Help.

FlowerLady said...

Rosemary you already are a follower.


FlowerLady said...

Sorry Francisca and Gayle ~ I had answered both of you but somewhere they got lost.

Francisca ~ Thank you ~ I was really enthralled with the plain/utilitarian looking gers with their wonderfully decorated insides. The handiwork was so intricate and colorful, adding beauty and joy to these dwellings. It must be a real pleasure to see these in person. That dream quilt was a beauty and I could see why she would have had a hard time parting with it since she made had made it before marriage.

Gayle ~ It takes me about 65 minutes to make one flower. I use size 30 thread, a size 13 hook, I like working small rather than large. I also wear strong glasses to do this fine work.

Thank you all for your comments.


Anneliese said...

I love your roses - all are the same but I like the dark red one best.

Suztats said...

Your roses are very pretty with the beads, FlowerLady!

FlowerLady said...

Rose Mary, Anneliese and Suztats ~ Thank you all for your kind comments on my roses.

The red rose was my favorite too.


crafty cat corner said...

Never thought of incorporating beads into my crochet work, will have to try it. thankyou

Sandra said...

Those are just beautiful. You do such good work!

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. I would love to learn how to make them. xxx

Thearica said...

These flowers are lovely! Do you add the beads as you crochet or do you hand sew them on after the flower is finished?

FlowerLady said...

Briony ~ I've just started doing this and really enjoy it. I want to make beaded and crocheted edgings too.

Sandra ~ thank you.

Stiching By a Cornish Sea ~ I'm sure you must know some ladies who crochet who could teach you how. I've been 'hooked' on crocheting since the age of 15.

Thearica ~ The beads are crocheted into the edging.

Thanks again for all of your kind and encouraging comments.

I plan to have these in my Etsy shop the beginning of the year. Plus crocheted and beaded hearts and other goodies too.


ashenka said...

I love your flowers! very tender! and that beads - so nice!