Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crocheted wire and bead heart

Here’s my latest creation, done this afternoon.  This is very fine nickel wire, that my DH gave me from his workshop.  I believe it is size 38. 

This piece was a joy to make and should get easier with each one.

I got the idea to do this after a nap and thinking about decorating the small Christmas tree we got at a yard sale for $1. This is not my pattern I found it online. The piece is 2 inches at the widest, and 2 inches high.


Crocheting with wire is harder and different than crocheting with thread or yarn. It makes fingers a little sore and rough and does not come out nice and neat. It’s quirky but I love the lacy look it creates.

DH said this piece was pretty and that it ought to sell too.  That would be nice.

Thanks for looking and I hope it inspires you to create in whatever area you have a love, talent or gift of for creating.  We are all uniquely different.

Have a great week.



shirley said...

This would look lovely on the xmas tree lorraine.

Georgianna said...

I'm full of admiration for you crocheting with wire! I can imagine it's challenging but I also love the finished project.

Congrats on your new blog and wishing you great success!

– g

Deb said...

I love the wire heart and think it will be great on the tree, I have crocheted with wire and it can be a struggle at first but the pieces always look unique. Great job.

Sandy said...

That is absolutely beautiful!

Anneliese said...

Lovely heart with all those beads!

Skeeter said...

I really do like this one. I also like the hearts below! They are just calling out for a Tree to adorn...

Nicki Lee said...

Very very pretty - I never even thought to crochet with wire. You've done a beautiful job.

Sandy said...

Where is your Etsy shop, Lorraine? I can't find it.