Friday, June 1, 2012

I need help

I am truly frustrated with the whipped wheel stitch for TAST.  I'm way behind and this one stitch has had me stumped for quite sometime now.  I'm discouraged.  I've  looked at you tubes and none were the whipped stitch.  I looked at Sharon's page of instructions and couldn't figure out the stitch that way either.

Can someone please HELP me with this?

If these are only the basic stitches, then I'm lost already.  I had trouble with a couple of other 'simple' stitches in the beginning and told my DH that I would never try using those stitches in any projects. Some stitches I can get right away, others, forget it.

I'm going to try the next stitch before I break down in frustrated tears. :-)



SimplyMe said...
Is this helpful?

SimplyMe said...

And this?