Friday, June 29, 2012

Latest Crocheted Piece

Hello Folks,

Here it is Friday in our part of the world.

Friday morning in fact, and I’ll be heading off to work shortly.

I found a pattern yesterday, several actually, designed by the same lady, who has given permission to all to use it, even to sell your creations using her pattern, you just can’t sell or claim credit for the pattern.


The first one I tried is a conch shell.

I used a fine thread and a size 13 or 14 hook.  It is 1 3/4”long by 1 1/8” wide by 3/4” high.

I love it and enjoyed creating it. 

I’m looking forward to making the other patterns too.

Hope to have them in my Etsy shop soon.







Happy Creating ~ FlowerLady Lorraine


Mira said...

Very nicely crocheted. The open effect is so good! Loved it. :D Happy Crocheting.

Mira’s Talent Gallery

:-) Mira

Susan Elliott said...

This is absolutely ADORABLE!!!

shirley said...

Love this I would buy them if you sell them.

Gayle said...

I scrolled through a few posts and honestly, that is such tiny and tedious work. It is beautiful, but I just can't imagine slowing down long enough to do it... not mention my hands would never cooperate. Your work never ceases to amaze me.

Anneliese said...

I am amazed (which means for me I love, love it).
A crochet fan, that's me.

Anneliese said...

This is so cute and I thought to ask you for the name of the lady who makes such lovely little things? Would you reveal the secret. I have no etsy shop and would just try it for myself.

Marjolein said...

So very pretty!
How does this shell get its round shape? It doesn't seem you have filled it up.