Thursday, June 5, 2014

What I’ve created lately ~ mostly works in progress

Hi Folks ~ Here it is feeling like summer already, being in the air-conditioning feels wonderful.  I try to work in gardens in the mornings, needlework whenever I feel like it, here in my little creative space.

Here are my latest creations. I crocheted the flower and the butterfly. There is silk ribbon embroidery, beads,  old lace, fresh water pearls.


This is my first attempt at a pincushion.

Silk ribbon embroidery and I used alcohol ink markers to color the ribbon.

I am new to silk ribbon embroidery too and am thoroughly enjoying it.


I didn’t stuff it enough. 

When I showed my friend and fellow needle worker and told her I realized I didn’t stuff it enough she told me I have to ‘overstuff’.

Next time I will.


I added a crocheted edging.


Here you can tell it wasn’t stuffed enough.


I love creating hearts.

I loved and was loved and hearts are an expression of love. I miss showing my dear husband my creations. He was my encourager, my love.

This photo was in different lighting than the one taken below.



This piece below was made for a widow friend for her birthday. White silk ribbon embroidered then colored with the alcohol ink markers.

The embroidered part is 2 3/4 inches high by 4 1/4 inches wide.







I love creating. As you can tell, all but the framed piece are works in progress as I’ve not decided yet what to do with them. Smile

Happy creating to you whatever your medium.



shirley said...

Lorraine, your ribbonwork is beautiful

Susan Hook said...

Beautiful work, you have mastered ribbon embroidery very well. Your pin cushion is lovely with such beautiful flowers!

Tassell, Tea pot, and life down under said...

Hi Lorrane, they are works of art. I think you were born to create. The pin cushion is so pretty and so intricate. It is obviously made with love.

Thank you or stopping by. Hope you have a good week.


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

I love creating too - as I think you may have guessed. I've never tried silk ribbon embroidery but think I will one day. All your worlds are beautiful Lorraine.

Claire said...

Just beautiful - i love the detail in the close up shots! My favourite piece is the first one - that lace doily is just beautiful - quietly serene, just gorgeous!
Thank you so much for your lovely comments - you are such a faithful visitor, and I really appreciate it - thank you :) x

M.E. Masterson said...

Beautiful work! Welcome to my page!

Lisa Richards said...

Your work is so gorgeous. I know I miss sharing things with my husband. Yours would be glad that you are continuing with what you love. The Lord IS our strength! :)

Catsngrams said...

Loraine I have never thought of silk
ribbon embroidery. What a wonderful work of art you created. Maybe I will try my hand at it. Thanks for sharing your beauty

GratefulPrayerThankfulHeart said...

Such beautiful needlework and gorgeous workmanship! I think each piece is prettier than the next. And, what a sweet pincushion!

Eva said...

Your ribbon work is exquisite. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! Will be happy to read from you next time.

Prairie Patch Quilts said...

First time for me to come across your blog. What wonderful and beautiful stitchery you have to share. I will come back often to view your works of art.

Deb said...

Oh my these are just breathtaking, your embroidery is simply beautiful I'd say the love you have comes though in your stitching, the pincushion is so sweet.

summer said...

Love your silk Ribbon work, I've just started doing it and LOVE it! the possibilities are endless and you can be SO creative when painting your own Ribbons! love you can tell :) lol

Roosterhead Designs said...

OH MY!! Your creations are beautiful~
Lovely lovely lovely hand work!
your details are so sweet and beautifully
laid out; I really enjoy peeking in your blog : )
Thanks for sharing~ Karen O